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The Lusitan Court, the first place of the palace to be built.

In the great emptiness, a place could be seen.

People feared them-- loathed them. The great Warriors of the Apocalypse that resided in the new called Panæmonium, Paradise Lost. The Great Palace called the Church, beheaded by the Four Keepers of the Church. After the fall of Danniellis Wendissiyoliss, the Keepers found the Great Crystal of Peace, only to be crushed by the remains of the dead souls that haunted the Keepers in their final form, the so called Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Embracing the broken crystal, the new palace was made, and was named Fragment of Old Sorcerers.


Final Fantasy XV OST - 90. Somnus02:31

Final Fantasy XV OST - 90. Somnus

Somnus, that represents the need to sleep in vacation nights, and the new tragedy to come.

Fragment of Old Sorcerers was, in the beginning, consisted by four members, known as:

Condmaker, the Kid Michael Themer Souza DeVito Robot Lord, Zerito (also known as SALSICHA) Stun Dsuds (Edd Ward Azeveid)

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